05 May 2008

WC Fields was wrong

I think 'She Called Up' is the best radio single off Time On Earth: it's catchy, has a great groove, and puts a smile on your face. (I've even got used to the silly chorus, though still think a ragtag brass section would work.) It's very early Enz-ish in its loose nuttiness. And the video with a United Nations-like children's choir is really charming.

But just in case you haven't seen this, here's a clip from a recent show in New York. Odd that 'She Called Up' wasn't on the set list, though.


yourrealityisme said...

This show took place in Manhattan, not Brooklyn. The chorus in this video are 5th-graders from Staten Island (another of the boroughs of New York City). They are not the same kids as the ones in the video for She Called Up.

Chris Bourke said...

Whoops, that live clip is indeed PS22 Manhattan, just like it says on the bottle.