19 December 2010

Reviewers all miss the boat on occasion, but reviewing Split Enz's classic True Colours album in Smash Hits of 7 August 1980, David Hepworth shows he has yet to identify the songwriting skills of Neil Finn. Later involved in startups such as Mojo, Empire and The Word, Hepworth would become of the music press's most astute (and sympathetic) reviewer of things Finn.

Split Enz, True Colours (A&M)
A monster hit in their native Australia after years of work, but it’s tempting to assume this has more to do with patriotism than taste. What we have here is a rather slight collection of high-tech pop which takes in a wide variety of post-punk styles and does boast the odd appealing melodic flourish. But it does lack substance in the songwriting department and tends to come across as a mite secondhand. (5 out of 10). David Hepworth

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